What’s this now?

I’ve decided to start a blog, having enjoyed those I’ve read around the interwebs.

The title of this blog comes from what I am – I sleepwalk occasionally, and I am a secularist. It’s a placeholder right now, but perhaps one day I shall change it.

Having created it, I’m now not entirely sure what it is I should write about. Writer’s block has hit me after four sentences, which I’m sure is a good start. Methinks I will use this very first post to explain what I enjoy, and what I don’t. This is more thinking out loud than anything else, but everyone starts somewhere I suppose!

This blog, I think, will be used primarily as a personal diary, and to serve as a guide for myself. Like everyone else my age, I’m 25; this is a crossroads between the early twenties and “true” adulthood. I’m currently studying a SWAP course at Stevenson College in Edinburgh, and intend to carry on to Edinburgh University to study a second degree in either Biochemistry, Neuroscience, or Genetics. So this blog could be about the life sciences, but I cannot pretend to any sense of profound thoughts. Most of what I think is superseded easily by far greater men and women than myself.

Other than that, I like horror, science fiction and fantasy writings – standard fare for your average, reasonably-well educated geeky Brit. Currently I’m reading through George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.¬†Perhaps I will tell you more about myself in the future, but at risk of repeating myself, this serves only as an initial introductory semi-coherent ramble. Perhaps I can hone my writing skills, or perhaps not. We shall see.